Hi, I am Leo Cepeda

I'm a Graphic Artist Designer based in Miami —
a passionate leader who always transform complex ideas into simple and successful visuals.

I’ve managed and motivated medium and small teams. I’ve worked with some pretty cool brands, including Mexicana de Aviación, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Acapulco, CPTM, Ceiba del Mar, and actually working in Natures Products like the Head leader of the art department taking care of its multiple brands including Champion Performance, Blessed Herbs, Iceland Health and NPI (just to mention some).

Key areas of experience include Creative Direction, Art Direction and Senior-Level Design in Print, Digital, UI and Identity, Branding, Logos, Audio Production and Photography.

•    Art Direction
•    Branding, Identity and Logos
•    Interactive/Digital/UI/UX
•    Typography
•    Photography

Let´s talk

I’m always looking for new challenges and interesting partners.
I love to say ¡hola! Contact me


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